American Diet/Lite

Watered-down flavor with all the alcohol. Enzymes are added to break down more sugar into alcohol. Low in body, light beer also has low or no malt taste and is very effervescent. Hop bitterness is below the threshold of taste and no flavor or aroma is detected. No fruitiness, esters or diacetyl. Very pale color.

Commercial examples: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light, Strohs Light 
OG: 1.024 - 1.040; Alcohol: 2.5 - 4.5%; IBUs: 5 - 15; SRM: 1 - 4.

American Standard - The standard American, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian beer style. Brewed with 25 to 40% rice, corn and/or wheat. Dry, lightly hopped, light-bodied and highly carbonated. This style has low malt aroma and flavor. Hop bitterness is barely noticeable with very low flavor and aroma. No fruitiness, esters or diacetyl. Pale straw to pale gold.

Commercial examples: Budweiser, Coors, Strohs, Corona, Fosters. 
O.G.: 1.035 - 1.046; Alcohol: 3.5 - 5%; IBUs: 5 - 17; SRM: 2 - 8.

American Dry - Invented in Japan and copied in the U.S.. Special yeast strains are used to break down normally unfermentable sugars into fermentable form. There is very low body and malt, and almost no malt aroma. The most distinguishing marks to this style are its high effervescence, pale color and lack of aftertaste. Low to medium bitterness that does not linger. Low hop aroma and flavor. No fruitiness, esters or diacetyl.

Commercial examples: Michelob Dry, Asahi Dry. 
O.G.: 1.040 - 1.050; Alcohol: 4 - 5.5%; IBUs: 15 - 23; SRM: 2 - 4.

American Dark - Colored versions of American standard or premium with little or no dark malts used. Color can be artificially derived from the addition of caramel syrup. Deep copper to dark brown. Light to medium body. Low bitterness. Low malt aroma and/or flavor is OK. Low hop aroma and/or flavor is OK. Effervescent. No fruitiness or esters. Very low diacetyl is OK.

Commercial examples: Michelob Dark. 
O.G.:1.040 - 1.050; Alcohol: 4 - 5.5%; IBUs: 14 - 20; SRM: 10 - 20.

American Malt Liquor - Roughly similar to other American lagers but higher in alcohol. The name “malt liquor” is a designation based on the fact that these brews quite often exceed the legal alcohol level defined for beers. Very pale in color, lightly hopped.

Commercial examples:  Colt 45, Carlsberg Elephant. 
O.G.:1.048 - 1.064; Alcohol: 5 - 8%; IBUs: 5 - 14; SRM: 1 - 3.

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